Since 1994 OHCO, The Oriental Herb Company has offered a full line of natural herbal remedies and medicinal herbs, providing time-honored Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas.

Our line of all-natural, traditional Chinese herbal remedies include Stomach ChiChi’ll OutOHCO-MotionOHCO-Flow, AllerSnapWan Ton and Cold Snap.

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Blowing in the Wind

There are several technical terms in Oriental medicine that are famous for being confusing and hard to grasp.

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Unwanted Guest In The House

It can happen to anybody. One of us, Donn, while in the midst of busy acupuncture and herbal practice during the early spring cold and flu season, let the “unwanted guest” too far into the house. Usually, he is pretty good at seeing people with upper respiratory and other contagious conditions and keeping the guest from setting up housekeeping in the spare bedroom. There are many possible reasons why that didn’t happen this time.

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Safety and Quality

Safety and quality are at the forefront of our product formulations and our medicinal herbs are always non-GMO, double tested for heavy metals, pesticides and microbes and are prepared with traditional artisan “cooking” processes used in top-quality Chinese herbal medicines