Commonly Asked Questions

I notice that COLD SNAP does not contain echinacea, zinc, vitamin C, elderberry or other ingredients I usually think of for immune stimulation. Why not?

Answer: COLD SNAP is not an immune stimulant. It is a strengthening, restorative formula that comes from a completely different angle. It works on strengthening the "zheng chi" which is a term from Chinese medical theory that essentially means the anti-pathogenic or righteous chi. In layman's terms: COLD SNAP GIVES YOU ARMOR. It makes you the strongest one in the room, the one who isn't getting what everyone else is suffering with. It does not mask symptoms and it does not stimulate the immune system. It is a carefully balanced blend of herbs that work together in harmony to create a stronger you. The fact that it is not an immune stimulant and is a perfectly balanced formula is one of the reasons it has no contraindications and is good for children.
We view immune stimulation as an inferior approach when it comes to health. Echinacea blends that claim to *activate* the immune system seem to be borrowing a page from the pharmaceutical approach, except using a natural agent. Immune stimulation is an ineffective strategy for building constitutional strength and immune over-stimulation? We have to look no further than the epidemic of auto-immune diseases to see why that's a bad idea.
I often use this analogy: suppose you are tired. One solution might be to drink a cup of coffee. That is the "immune stimulation" approach. Another option is to get a good night of sleep, drink a lot of water, eat organic fruits & vegetables and exercise. That is Cold Snap.

Can I combine the OHCO products with other supplements and herbs?

Answer: When considering combining the OHCO products there are generally few problems (see below*) because these balanced formulas can be thought of in much the same way as other sources of nutrition. Just as you should not combine two different OHCO formulas by taking them at the same time, you may wish to do the same with other herbs. You might separate these different items with food. 

*CONTRAINDICATIONS: OHCO-Motion, OHCO-Flow, Chi'll Out and Wan Ton are contraindicated for pregnancy. OHCO-Motion and OHCO-Flow may influence those on blood thinners.

Is there any more value in taking the powder (in hot water) vs the capsules?

Answer: When we first came out with the formulas they were only available in powder form. Once we introduced capsules, there were those who never looked back at the powder. I take this to mean that these people saw no difference in the effectiveness of the herbs. I have never noticed a difference myself. 

There are a couple of cases I can think of where the powder does have more value. People tell me they find the Cold Snap as a hot tea soothing to a sore throat. With the Stomach Chi, there is something about the tea ritual that furthers the nourishing quality of the formula.

Taking a little time to focus on the process of the herbs as a healing and nourishing act can help in some ways in the internal healing process. Often the tea format is more conducive to this, as opposed to just popping those capsules on the fly.

I am nursing. Can I continue to take Cold Snap?

Answer: The formulas have been used successfully by many nursing mothers over our 20-year history. Of course, the baby is getting some of the herbs too. This should not present a problem but doses must be set keeping in mind that you are sharing the herbs with your baby. Moderation is key. We have heard from those who have felt that the formulas have been beneficial to the baby. Cold Snap has been mentioned for teething symptoms and Stomach Chi for colic.

You might consider one capsule three times a day to start. If you are giving the herbs directly to your baby, the dose would be even smaller. Use your intuition, check with your health care provider, and contact OHCO with further questions or comments.

Can children take Cold Snap?

Answer: Children were a large part of the inspiration behind bringing this product to market, and our children take Cold Snap often. Back in the early 90’s, children were put on prophylactic antibiotics and their systems were never given the chance to flex and strengthen. So, yes, use the herbs with your children. Start slowly and if you are getting the desired results, you will know that you are on the right track. One capsule, one-half of a capsule or even one-quarter of a capsule is a good place to start for littlest ones.

Are the formulas vegan?

Answer: The powders are vegan except for Chi’ll Out which uses a honey-fried root and fossilized bone (mineral). The capsules contain grass-fed, GMO-free, bovine gelatin.