Wholesale Terms and Conditions

The following guidelines apply to all direct wholesale purchases from OHCO.

Wholesale Account Establishment:· 

  • Wholesale purchases are available only to physical retail businesses, virtual retail businesses, and qualified health and wellness professionals through an authorized OHCO account.
  • To apply for an account, the customer must submit a completed wholesale account application, providing accurate and up-to-date information about the business, including contact details, billing and shipping addresses, and any required legal documentation.

Wholesale Terms and Conditions:

  • Resellers may sell products on their own websites or through an online third-party platform (ex. Amazon, eBay, etc.)  provided the Reseller is in compliance with the MAP policy.
  • OHCO’s MAP policy must be agreed to, and Noncompliance with MAP policy will result in the wholesale account being terminated.
  • Manufacturer's retail packaging cannot be opened or altered in anyway prior to sale.
  • OHCO reserves the right to refuse business at its sole discretion

Wholesale Pricing and Orders:

  • Orders may be placed using an order form that will be provided to you
  • Minimum order amount is 12 bottles (one case)
  • 20% off new product introduction
  • Tax exemption available with certification
  • Shipping and handling charges apply
  • OHCO reserves the right to modify wholesale pricing and product availability at any time, upon reasonable notice to the Customer

Payment Terms:

  • Payment must be received prior to releasing your shipment

Intellectual Property:

  • The Customer shall not use the Supplier's trademarks, logos, or intellectual property without obtaining prior written consent

Product Storage:

  • The customer shall maintain appropriate storage conditions, including but not limited to temperature and humidity

Customer Support:

  • Phone training available upon request


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