• To Microdose or What to Microdose, That is the Question!

    To Microdose or What to Microdose, That is the Question!

    Micro-dosing for Macro-benefit with non-psychoactive Plant Spirits   One of the most interesting concepts in supplementation to date, is the growing trend of micro-dosing on psychedelic substances in response to health concerns. At OHCO, we find this to be a very interesting movement.   The aim of Yoga, which by some estimations can be dated as far back as 10,000 years, is to ‘see clearly’. Training the mind to perceive the world around ourselves accurately is what this Royal Science is about. Like focusing the lens of a camera (for those of you who still remember what those are), yoga...

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  • Cold Snap Challenge and Back to School Stress

    Cold Snap Challenge and Back to School Stress

    It's that time again; Back to School Season and along with it, that dreaded virus/bacteria-petri-dish aka 'the classroom'.
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  • Cold Snap is not only for cold & flu season!

    Cold Snap is not only for cold & flu season!

    Protecting the lungs now is one of the most important things we can do to make sure they are strong when the viruses and bacteria rage during the winter months. The fires and air quality pose a direct threat to the lungs at a time when they are trying to build strength for the months ahead. Consider adding ColdSnap to your daily supplement regimen every day. We suggest 2 capsules twice a day until winter arrives. Then, during cold and flu season, increase the dose when you feel you've been exposed to "unwanted guests". 
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  • Why We Love Stomach Chi

    Why We Love Stomach Chi

    Stomach Chi is the most important formula in OHCO's herbal fleet. It stands out because of its ability to boost the performance of the others. It provides those formulas with the Stomach Qi necessary for carrying out their purpose.
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  • Goodwill of Orange County

    OHCO is proud to work with Goodwill of Orange County.  As a champion promoting disability awareness as well as changing perceptions about people with barriers to independence, Goodwill offers opportunities for people from all walks of life.  OHCO provides people with barriers to employment an opportunity to work and thrive.  For over ten years, OHCO has employed Goodwill's workers to assemble the trial size samplers.   Here are a few pictures of the team and some of the many steps of the process it takes to turn out these cute little boxes.  OHCO trial size samplers make great stocking stuffers,...

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  • Cold Snap 101

    The season is here, a good time for a refresher course. Two capsules daily, like a multi-vitamin, to stay strong and keep your chi righteous.  Have you been exposed? Stressed? New environment? Is everyone around you getting sick? Try the Basic Way: two capsules (=1/4 tsp powder), three times per day. Is something trying to invade? Are those first signs of a cold or flu taking hold? Try Another Way: two capsules as often as every 20 minutes (up to 24 capsules in a day) followed by two-three days of the Basic Way. Trying to figure out how you can...

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