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Throw Out The Notion That Your Pet Can’t Run Through The Ragweed With You


Throw Out The Notion That Your Pet Can’t Run Through The Ragweed With You.

Protect your pet from invasions and cast out the “unwanted guest.” Cold Snap is an original combination of twenty Chinese herbs. It focuses on strengthening the body’s core energy, thereby allowing its well-designed defenses to work. By contrast, Western remedies treat only symptoms, the footprints of the guest. Build “righteous chi” and repel these unwanted guests before they move in and start inviting friends over. Certain breeds are more subject to stress and this can make them more sensitive. This might manifest as a skin problem or other allergic responses such as sneezing or irritated eyes. When you are traveling and have to leave your pets, it is an important time to make sure their system is as strong as it can be. The benefits of strengthening the system are very far-reaching.

"I didn’t even know that dogs could get tonsillitis but it turns out Skye, our Golden Retriever, was having recurring bouts and antibiotics would not provide a lasting cure. He takes Cold Snap as needed and is doing great." - M. Hayes, Grinnell IA

Low energy levels, weepy nose, eye discharge, itching as an allergic symptom, etc. all respond well to this strengthening Chinese herbal formula. For example, Layla is a lucky dog. She survived Katrina and its aftermath through hard lessons for a domesticated animal. Now she lives with Jay and his family of seven dogs, two cats, and three humans. Layla is on a maintenance dose of Cold Snap while she recovers from cancer and chemotherapy.

Research Cold Snap for yourself here.

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