The OHCO System

The OHCO System

The OHCO System: 

Did you know that our fleet of formulas operates as a whole? Our current 7 formulas are designed to function as a complete apothecary starting from the surface of the body to the core.


Heres how they work: In parenthetical order from the outside in, please refer to the photo above.

For the exterior portions of the body, namely the front linesmen of our immune systems army", we offer ColdSnap and AllerSnap. Each formula provides protection from possible pathological influences in the environment throughout the year. ColdSnap is optimal during the cold and flu season. AllerSnap is better used during allergy seasons. Together they provide year-round protection from harmful influences such as bacteria, viruses, and allergens. They simultaneously offer internal strength in an effort to withstand these external pathological influences with greater stealth. Alternating between the two throughout the year is another way to maintain strength at the superficial layers of life.

2) At the level of the muscles and tendons, we offer OHCO Motion and OHCO Flow. Each formula has a special function to keep our limbs moving with optimal smoothness and to lessen pain from inflammation or traumatic injury. OHCO Motion is for the lower body and legs, OHCO Flow is for the upper body and arms. Together these two formulas allow us to move through life with increased Grace.

3) The next levels the OHCO system support are Shen (Spirit) and Jing (Essence). Two of the three Taoist treasures which are vital for the positive interpretation of life experience. Chill Out supports peace and harmony in order for the Spirit to remain One Pointed in a state of Samadhi (integrated intelligence). Won Ton develops and maintains the storage of essence. Without a healthy supply of essence, we are subject to perpetual states of fight or flight where fear and anxiety are the predominant emotional experiences. Additionally, in fight or flight, the memory systems of our true nature remain obscured by ignorance. Won Ton allows us to live in a state of loving compassion as opposed to fear and hatred.

4) Finally at the core of the OHCO system lies our flagship formula, Stomach Chi. Stomach Chi supports everything from the Center. It gives Vitality (Energy), the third treasure in Taoism. Without a strong digestive system, the strength of character we came here to demonstrate suffers. Please refer to our blog on Stomach Chi for an in-depth view into this formula and its crucial offering to a healthy and happy life.

Jaya Vijayi Bhava! May You Always Be Victorius The Epic Boulder Way!

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