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  • Function Follows Form

    Function Follows Form

    The Skeptics Dictionary discredits acupuncture and Oriental medicine altogether. Even the National Institutes of Health has apparently stopped trying to do that! NIH is largely supportive of acupuncture in its recent research and memorandums, although still pretty confused as to why it works. In the process of its attempt to debunk acupuncture, The Skeptics Dictionary makes the statement that “chi is defined as being undetectable by the methods of empirical science.” and “Empirical studies on acupuncture are in their infancy. Such studies ignore notions based on metaphysics (such as unblocking chi along meridians).”

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  • Why We Love Stomach Chi

    Why We Love Stomach Chi

    Stomach Chi is the most important formula in OHCO's herbal fleet. It stands out because of its ability to boost the performance of the others. It provides those formulas with the Stomach Qi necessary for carrying out their purpose.
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