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  • Shifting Gears with Cold Snap

    Shifting Gears with Cold Snap

    A cold virus is able to do its damage and thrives because of its ability to change. While the body is busily trying to figure out how to fight the cold, the virus has changed again.

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  • The Ears Have It

    The Ears Have It

    Ear acupuncture offers another way to benefit from the principles of Chinese medicine because it addresses specific organs, structures, and functions. Ear points are often add-on points to make treatment more specific. The response to an ear point can be instantaneous and therefore most helpful with quick pain relief. This will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

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  • Eye Ching

    Eye Ching

    Terminology can be challenging to the layperson when pursuing an understanding of Oriental medicine. When your practitioner starts talking about “disturbances in the shen that are clouding the orifices” or “jing vacuity,” eyes can start to cloud over and ears become unable to hear. Now that I think of it, what the Western doctor or dentist speaks of sometimes sounds a little alien as well. Around the time of the Cultural Revolution in China, a major effort was made in the translation of terms to make them more understandable to the West. This effort certainly made the terms sound more familiar to us. Unfortunately, any real accuracy was often sacrificed in the trans-cultural journey.

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  • Function Follows Form

    Function Follows Form

    The Skeptics Dictionary discredits acupuncture and Oriental medicine altogether. Even the National Institutes of Health has apparently stopped trying to do that! NIH is largely supportive of acupuncture in its recent research and memorandums, although still pretty confused as to why it works. In the process of its attempt to debunk acupuncture, The Skeptics Dictionary makes the statement that “chi is defined as being undetectable by the methods of empirical science.” and “Empirical studies on acupuncture are in their infancy. Such studies ignore notions based on metaphysics (such as unblocking chi along meridians).”

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  • Fear of Drying

    Fear of Drying

    The human animal is significantly a water being. The heart muscle, for example, is 80 percent water. Overall water composition varies with age, sex, and fat (lean tissue has more water). Living in the high country makes us acutely aware of water and exacerbates dryness. Colorado is a semi-arid state.

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