Shifting Gears with Cold Snap March 31 2019

A cold virus is able to do its damage and thrives because of its ability to change. While the body is busily trying to figure out how to fight the cold, the virus has changed again.

Sleeping Soundly March 29 2019

It’s hard to know what came first, the stress or the inability to handle it. When your sleep is affected, stress becomes insidious and self-perpetuating. There appears to be too many of us who are not sleeping well. It may even be an epidemic. The reasons are complex and varied. Anxiety often compounds the problem. Sleep disturbances usually start with an edge or moodiness caused by a hectic culture. The mind fills with endless dialog. It wouldn’t be so bad if we were full of things that were important to deal with eventually, but this stuff, indeed worries, is useless.


Fear of Drying March 29 2019

The human animal is significantly a water being. The heart muscle, for example, is 80 percent water. Overall water composition varies with age, sex, and fat (lean tissue has more water). Living in the high country makes us acutely aware of water and exacerbates dryness. Colorado is a semi-arid state.

Cold Snap Challenge and Back to School Stress July 18 2018

It's that time again; Back to School Season and along with it, that dreaded virus/bacteria-petri-dish aka 'the classroom'.