Should You Take powder vs the capsules?

Is there any more value in taking the powder (in hot water) vs the capsules?

When we first came out with the formulas they were only available in powder form. Once we introduced capsules, there were those who never looked back at the powder. I take this to mean that these people saw no difference in the effectiveness of the herbs. I have never noticed a difference myself. 

There are a couple of cases I can think of where the powder does have more value. People tell me they find the Cold Snap as a hot tea soothing to a sore throat. With the Stomach Chi, there is something about the tea ritual that furthers the nourishing quality of the formula.

Taking a little time to focus on the process of the herbs as a healing and nourishing act can help in some ways in the internal healing process. Often the tea format is more conducive to this, as opposed to just popping those capsules on the fly.
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