Chow Down on Chinese Herbs

Chow Down on Chinese Herbs

Sitting down with Jay Henry to talk about pets makes you feel as happy as a golden retriever with a soft stuffed toy in his mouth. Jay has so much experience with dogs, cats, and even large predators, it’s a treat to learn how successful he’s been with Chinese herbs. He’s been selling the OHCO formulas at Evergreen’s Chow Down since he took over the business in 2003. His biggest successes have been in three areas. 

Stomach Chi when traveling with pets is a no-brainer. Jay says it’s fast acting and so successful because it calms the digestive system. One capsule for your sixty-pound dog just before you hop in the car and it’s a done deal. You can sprinkle the capsule in wet food, wrap it in peanut butter or bread, or get some “pill pockets,” which smell like feet and dogs love. It’s a smaller dose for cats. They get just one-quarter of a capsule two times a day in their wet food. Just like with humans, if you are going for a long-term constitutional shift, it takes about three days to see changes.

Chi’ll Out has been a huge winner for anxious cats and dogs. During thunderstorm season, Jay recommends a daily dose for your dog. He has people who have used Chi’ll Out to get their pets on to airplanes without sedatives. Show dogs arrive ready to strut their stuff and then calmly go back into their confined areas without any anxiety. It’s also useful for those terrier types and barking problems. One customer uses it with her five-year-old rescued pit bull that suffers from separation anxiety. She adds Chi’ll Out to Oscar’s morning food and both feel more comfortable with him being alone for the day.

Chow Down’s staple from the OHCO product list is Cold Snap. Low energy levels, weepy nose, eye discharge, itching as an allergic symptom, etc., all respond well to this strengthening Chinese herbal formula. Layla is a lucky dog. She survived Katrina and its aftermath through hard lessons for a domesticated animal. Now she lives with Jay and his family of seven dogs, two cats, and three humans. Layla is on a maintenance dose of Cold Snap while she recovers from cancer and chemotherapy.

The digestive system of a dog works quickly because it’s enzymatic. That means that dogs can only absorb nutrition when it is in the stomach. That’s why such small doses of the herbs work so rapidly. The digestive system catalyzes the desired herbal effect. Fillers and fractionalized grains become free radicals that lead to cancer. Owners can provide the best options that Chow Down offers in abundance including foods truer to what pets normally eat. This means not feeding your animals grain-based proteins or synthetic foods.

Jay says OHCO-Motion can be helpful for pain, arthritis, and inflammation usually with just a capsule a day. OHCO-Flow the companion product to OHCO-Motion has been useful for shoulder dysplasia, elbow, and paw problems. Kathy Myrick of Healing Touch for Animals reports success with OHCO-Flow for a Chihuahua named Valentino who had Bell’s Palsy. Before you set out on any kind of maintenance formula, it is important to make sure you know exactly with what you are dealing. X-rays and testing are tools that allow you to administer herbs with confidence.

An employee at Chow Down uses Eye Ching for her Mastiff and has seen improvement in her pet’s eyes, perhaps halting the progression of a progressive disease. We shall see. Short term, this product can help with eye irritation quickly and easily.

Jay’s overriding philosophy is to “pay attention.” That means giving your dog true love and quality time. His customers are usually happy, and he believes it’s because they know how to give unconditional love to their pets that in turn expands life’s joys. He has seen this translate into a longer life span with labs living fourteen to sixteen years and smaller breeds in the high teens. Good nutritional food, herbs, and love are important parts of being a pet owner.

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