How OHCO Products Can Help in Our Borders or Beyond

Chinese Take Out

When out and about among our borders or beyond, it’s easy to fall prey to using those items that are most convenient for saving your vacation from a health challenge. Why not pack an herbal first aid kit that will handle many conditions that are common among travelers?


Stomach Chi is your ticket for unfamiliar food and water. It is possible to strengthen the digestive system for a few days before you travel to make it less susceptible to exotic experiments. If you happen to end up with Montezuma’s Revenge, you might have to take Stomach Chi as often as you can keep it down until your symptoms come under control. This formula was developed while on vacation in Mexico years ago and my symptoms subsided in under an hour.


You’d be surprised how many people have trouble with driving our mountain roads. Stomach Chi aids all kinds of motion sickness. While on a whale watch, a friend took some 20 minutes before departure and watched most on the boat vomiting over the side just one hour later, but not her. You can use it for air travel and will arrive at your destination without any drowsy side effects.


I heard from one family who was able to keep their two-year-old’s cold symptoms at bay with Cold Snap so that their trip to Hawaii was not ruined by an ear infection. The cold did not progress. If you’re someone who stresses before travel, you’re starting your trip with your defenses already compromised. Couple your diminished system with the re-circulated air on the plane and you could be battling an unwanted guest while you’re the guest at some fancy hotel with only Sudafed in the gift shop. Flight attendants are among the biggest Cold Snap fans because they know the benefits of keeping your system strong while in the air.


OHCO has some travel packs and will mail one to the first ten people who send an electronic request for one to Besides Cold Snap and Stomach Chi, the third item in the pack is OHCO-Motion. If you find yourself undertaking a new activity or a strenuous one while on vacation, this formula can help you keep going.  A Chinese take out pack may not contain enough herbs but surely it’s a good beginning until you can get to the health food store (or find a supermarket with a good natural section).


The biggest problem that occurs while traveling and using these valuable self-help tools is that most people run out of the herbs before they thought they would. This is because they give them away to all the other people who were using something else, without satisfactory results. John Steinbeck wrote, “A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” Perhaps these valuable Chinese herbal self-help tools can give you some security.

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