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Commitment is Key: How Chinese Herbal Medicine Works and Why Dosing Matters

Chinese Herbal Medicine - Addressing the Root

Chinese Herbal Medicine - Addressing the Root:

Western medicine often focuses on instant gratification, providing quick relief from symptoms. However, this approach only addresses the surface of the problem and does little to promote deep-level healing. In contrast, Chinese herbal medicines are designed to treat the root of health issues, resulting in long-lasting benefits. This type of medicine requires commitment, patience, and a willingness to follow dosing instructions.

The Importance of Dosing in Chinese Herbal Medicine

The Importance of Dosing in Chinese Herbal Medicine:

One of the key principles of Chinese herbal medicine is that dosing should be tailored to each person's individual situation. To achieve the desired effects, it's important to match the dose to the progression and duration of the health challenge. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dosing. Instead, practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine take a personalized approach to each patient, carefully considering their unique needs and creating a treatment plan that is tailored to their specific health goals.

Dosing Strategies for OHCO Formulas

Dosing Strategies for OHCO Formulas:

OHCO offers a range of formulas designed to address different health challenges. For example, COLD SNAP is formulated to help with sudden onset issues and is best addressed by taking small, frequent doses as often as every 20 minutes, gradually extending the time between doses as a shift occurs. In contrast, CHI’LL OUT is designed for ongoing health challenges that develop slowly over time. For optimal results, it's recommended to take two capsules, three times a day for 7-10 days. Consistency is key when taking CHI’LL OUT, and it's important to commit to the recommended dosages to experience the full benefits of this formula.

Overcoming the Challenges of Multi-Dosing

Overcoming the Challenges of Multi-Dosing:

When it comes to taking multiple herbal formulations, it's important to have a plan to ensure you're taking them properly. Some herbs can be taken together without issue, but others may interact with each other or with medications you're already taking. It's always best to consult with a healthcare professional or a licensed acupuncturist who specializes in Chinese herbal medicine to determine the best course of action for your unique needs. They can help you create a dosing plan that takes into account any potential interactions and ensures that you're getting the maximum benefit from each of the herbs you're taking.

Multi-dosing can be a challenge, but there are strategies to make it easier. One effective approach is to leave bottles in frequently visited places, such as the kitchen counter, vehicle, nightstand, or workplace. This serves as a reminder to take the medication and helps ensure that a dose is always available when needed. Since CHI’LL OUT is not a sedative, taking the first dose shortly after waking is recommended to maximize the benefits throughout the day.

Finding a trusted TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine Source

Finding a trusted TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine Source: 

If you're looking for a trusted and reliable source of TCM herbal formulations in the US market, OHCO is the way to go. With their holistic “East meets West” approach, they have been offering a complete line of medicinal herbs to the American market since 1994. Their commitment to providing high-quality, non-GMO, and pesticide-free products has earned them a reputation as a leading brand in the industry.

OHCO offers a full spectrum of TCM formulas to help restore vibrant, healthy living. Their 7 herbal formulas, including Cold Snap, Stomach Chi, Chi'll Out, OHCO-Motion, OHCO-Flow, Wan Ton, and Aller Snap, are designed to address a range of health challenges.

It's important to note that using TCM herbal formulations requires a commitment to dosing and consistency. OHCO's formulas are crafted to address the root cause of health challenges, rather than simply providing symptom relief. Therefore, commitment is key to achieving lasting, deep-level alleviation of ongoing health challenges.

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Seeking Guidance - Oriental Hub Company

Seeking Guidance:

For those new to Chinese herbal medicine, it's essential to seek guidance on dosing from a qualified practitioner or customer support team. OHCO’s team can provide personalized recommendations based on the individual's health situation, lifestyle, and preferences. OHCO offers customer support to help those seeking guidance on dosing, and their team of experts can answer specific questions about their formulas and dosing instructions.

If you have any specific questions about dosing or which formula is best suited to your needs, OHCO is here to support you in your health and wellness journey. You can reach out to them for dosing guidance at

In summary, with OHCO's Full Spectrum of Formulas, you can maintain excellent health and provide your body with proper nutrition. Their commitment to quality and effectiveness makes them the go-to source for TCM herbal formulations in the US market.


In conclusion, commitment is key to achieving deep-level healing with Chinese herbal medicine. While western medicine often focuses on quick fixes, Chinese herbal medicine is designed to treat the root of health issues, providing long-lasting benefits. By tailoring the dosage to each person's unique situation and committing to the recommended dosing instructions, one can experience the full potential of Chinese herbal medicine. Seeking guidance from qualified practitioners and utilizing strategies to make multi-dosing easier can help patients stay on track and achieve their health goals.

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