Goodwill of Orange County January 13 2014

OHCO is proud to work with Goodwill of Orange County.  As a champion promoting disability awareness as well as changing perceptions about people with barriers to independence, Goodwill offers opportunities for people from all walks of life.  OHCO provides people with barriers to employment an opportunity to work and thrive.  For over ten years, OHCO has employed Goodwill's workers to assemble the trial size samplers.  

Here are a few pictures of the team and some of the many steps of the process it takes to turn out these cute little boxes.  OHCO trial size samplers make great stocking stuffers, tie-ons to gift wrapping, or a way to introduce a friend to an OHCO formula.


Cold Snap 101 January 13 2014

The season is here, a good time for a refresher course.

  1. Two capsules daily, like a multi-vitamin, to stay strong and keep your chi righteous. 

  2. Have you been exposed? Stressed? New environment? Is everyone around you getting sick? Try the Basic Way: two capsules (=1/4 tsp powder), three times per day.

  3. Is something trying to invade? Are those first signs of a cold or flu taking hold? Try Another Way: two capsules as often as every 20 minutes (up to 24 capsules in a day) followed by two-three days of the Basic Way.

Trying to figure out how you can get your kids to take it? Email our office for some tips on helping your little ones to stay healthy this season too!  Join our online community: